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Daycare Drama and Mom Careers....

Typing this while wondering where I can get a new daycare for my daughters considering it is the middle of March all daycares are full to the brim! Mind you I work from home and I had to navigate a whole day whispering threats to my 3 year old and somehow whispering a shhhh in between.

Somehow my daughters daycare has all sorts of reasons to send my kids home if it's not a running nose ( that she got from the daycare by the way) it would be she removed her shoes in are you serious? She is 3 she will definitely remove her shoes and probably eat the bows on her hair too! Did i mention the daycare has a zillion public holidays?? so lets have a holiday for a holiday... because we can!

Mom is out here trying to establish a career and grow financially. This daycare is working against my prosperity...I cant imagine how it would have been if i had a 2 and 3 year old during the pandemic how those mothers that wanted to keep their jobs navigated through all that... Moms are not checked on enough and somehow does it mean that to be completely successful you have to just be a cold hearted woman with no children and maybe not married too? because how does one become successful while navigating being a Soccer mom, Taekwondo mom and also trying to grow a wellness lifestyle business?

At the moment I working on how fluid I can be to make my life easier in terms of how i keep my job and navigate how I can raise my kids simultaneously... like seriously, Oprah me please! Sometime as moms... I know I am not the only one that just want's to wake up and the kids are 5 already all the hectic daycare drama done and dusted... prepping for Kindergarten....wait is this a vent?

Ok enough of the pity party... let me leave you with this to consider if you have daycare age kids:

  1. Research the daycare and please check their Public holiday calendar

  2. Read the daycare Handbook

  3. Make sure to always be on a waiting list on at least 3 more daycares around your area.

  4. If by any chance you have your little one home advise your boss so he/she wont not expect super woman performance that day!

  5. Breath and go with the flow cant exactly force daycare to keep your kid...while you try make money to pay them.

  6. Apparently it goes by fast and you will miss it... not that I have seen so far!

Till my next Post... You are loved!

Massie Lester


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