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Perspex Heels and Soccer Games

As I stand on a post rain muddy field... Might I add that the its freezing too! i am watching as the soccer practice unfolds, crossing my fingers that my daughter doesn't have a tantrum and throw herself on the muddy field... I think its safe to say it's every parents prayer right now that is in our age group (3-4) category.

So far the practice looks promising and my daughter is trying to follow the coaches lead, Even though she doesn't understand the concept of giving other kids their turn and going to the back of the line... geez lol

As I am freezing on the bench trying to make sense of how this game is going to go. I am wondering where I am going to wear my brand new shoes the I recently bought from an emotional shopping spree... I do have those now and again... so as this Soccer game is unfolding this is what is also preoccupying my brain apart from the tantrum prayer...

The game starts and my daughter decides she wants to wonder off to the nearby playground and start crying because...'I wanna go playground" now I have to hone in on my gentle parenting skills which i have been practicing for a couple of years... very difficult *ugly cry*. "No mamma lets play the game and then you can go to the playground after" . She then decides let me get my own ball and play my own game within the game, or the incident where she decides she wants to join in on the game but will use her hands to get the ball if need be lol Long story short it was a typical 3-4 year old soccer game.

In conclusion the game sucked only about 7-8 kids made it happen thank you kids...the only consolation I had was at least my mammas tried... The other kids didn't even set foot in the field... no kids we have to freeze for something.

Did I get to wear my Perspex heels? Yes I did I got invited to an intimate session of healing and wellness called #daughtertoaking and I looked great!!! Everything worked out for all of us because Summer eventually went to the playground as well after the soccer game!

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